Certification benefits
the Career Development
profession as a whole

Certification benefits
the Career Development
profession as a whole

What is
Recognition of
Prior Learning?

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A CCDP™ designation demonstrates your high level of professionalism; mastery of critical professional competencies; commitment to ethical standards and continued professional growth.

For the public, the designation provides assurance and confidence in a recognized standard of practice. For a CCDP, achieving certification has the benefit of increasing self-recognition of skills and knowledge, which can be transformational. Certification strengthens belief in our own competence and helps us to identify areas for further development. CCDPs have met an industry standard which requires the demonstration of competency acquired through a minimum of three years’ full-time experience in the field. Having the designation makes it easier to communicate the expertise to the clients as well as prospective employers.

RPL and the NSCDA Certification Process
The Nova Scotia Career Development Association has been certifying career development practitioners since 2015. Our trademarked process is based on the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

Assessing Your Skills
Candidates are assessed in relation to the competencies of the Nova Scotia Career Development Practitioners Core Competency Profile (also known as the NS Profile). Upon successful completion, practitioners earn the right to use the designation CCDP™.

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