“Certification sets the standard for the
career development profession.” – AH


“Certification sets the standard for the
career development profession.” – AH

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A CCDP® (Certified Career Development Practitioner) designation demonstrates adherence to the Pan-Canadian Competency Framework for Career Development Professionals. It confirms industry-standard skills and commitment to ethical practices. The designation formalizes your proficiency, instills public trust, and aids self-assessment. Having the CCDP designation simplifies communication of your expertise to clients and employers.

In Development

The Career Certification website is in development. It will be the new home for the National Career Development Certification (NCDC) program. The NCDC will be the assessment agency for individuals seeking to obtain their CCDP® designation.

Information will be available here, and you will soon be able to register your email for updates about new functions and services available on the Career Certification website.

Current CCDPs

Legacy your Provincial CCDP designation

Existing CCDPs will be able to apply to have their provincial designations reviewed, transitioned, and nationally recognized. The review process will include confirming that your designation is up-to-date and in good standing.

Become Nationally Certified

The process to become nationally certified is based on Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) through assessment methods to test your level of competency. A national technical working group is currently reviewing and validating these methods.

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 Certified Career Development
Practitioner (CCDP)

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