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Eligibility Requirements for Certification

Eligibility Requirements for Certification

Because Certification is based on the Recognition of Prior Learning, you must have acquired a minimum of three years’ (approximately 5400 hours) relevant paid work experience in the career development field within the past five years. You must be able to demonstrate that your work experience has allowed you to develop the foundational competencies of a career development practitioner as set out in the NS Profile.

What if I don’t have three years’ experience?
If you are currently working in the field but have not accumulated sufficient experience and/or have competency gaps to be filled, you can still enter the process. The Career Pathways route will allow you to pair with a mentor as you continue to acquire hours and skills; once you meet the eligibility requirements, you will be directed to the Assessment route for certification.

If you feel you have the required background, or would like to begin the process to determine this, then continue to Steps to Certification.

Please ensure you have completed your Self-Assessment and have spoken with the Certification Advisor before purchasing the CCDP program.
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