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In lieu of a virtual conference, we will be holding FOUR regional events. These events will happen between September 2022 and March 2023 around the province.

November 17, 2022
South Shore / Valley
Oak Island Resort &
Convention Centre

December 6, 2022
Cape Breton
Membertou Trade &
Convention Centre

February 23, 2023
HRM / Central
DoubleTree by Hilton
in Dartmouth

March 30, 2023
Inn on Prince Hotel &
Conference Centre
in Truro


March 30, 2023, Inn on The Prince, Truro NS


Welcome and Elder Blessing

Andreas Robinson, Founder and CEO Infinitus Academy and Limitless Media CIC

As an authentic engagement specialist in physical or virtual spaces, Andreas brings an infectious energy that encourages enriching dialogue. Whether navigating motivational and comfortable topics or dealing with ‘tough’ or uncomfortable narratives, such as change management, high performance or accountability and stewardship in the digital age, Andreas’ energy allows for a grounding, vulnerable and authentic conversation.

Andreas’ background in Entrepreneurship, Consulting, Training & Learning and Human Capital Development has enabled him to lead 2 Federally Funded Programs, one focused on Anti-Black Racism, Developing Young Professionals, and work with multiple municipalities.

Sector Councils Support Employers’ Success

The Association of Industry Sector Councils (AISC) represents the interests of small and medium-sized businesses all over Nova Scotia. Join the AISC for an overview of what they do and meet Sector Council Executive Directors who will dive deeper into their sector councils.  This session is focused on people, workforce development, recruiting/training, etc.


Lisa Dahr is the Director of Industry Relations and Professional Development with Tourism Industry Association of Nova Scotia. She is responsible for a number of programs and supports under both the TIANS and the Nova Scotia Tourism Human Resource Council (NSTHRC) umbrellas.  The Council is a division of TIANS which has a mandate focused on the development of a skilled, professional workforce for Nova Scotia’s Tourism Industry.  

Lisa works with Industry to bridge human resource skill and productivity gaps. She facilitates connecting business operators to meaningful resources and tools and strongly believes in the power of tourism to transform communities. She is a nationally certified trainer and a master trainer for Service Excellence Programs in Atlantic Canada. 

Lisa holds a degree in Atlantic Canadian Studies and prior to joining TIANS, she worked in the field of Visitor Services for the Province, both in Nova Scotia and in the United States.  

Jan Fullerton is the Executive Director of NS Boatbuilders Association. As the NSBA’s Executive Director, Jan works to support and represent boatbuilding and repair companies in Canada’s Maritime provinces. She has over 15 years of experience in non-profit management and career promotion, and she enjoys the dynamic nature of her current role, which includes workforce development, marketing, regulatory discussions, building partnerships, monitoring emerging trends, and so much more. Prior to this position, she spent 12 years promoting careers in skilled trades and technology to youth in the Northwest Territories. Jan is the Board Secretary with the Association of Industry Sector Councils, a Member-at-Large on the Nova Scotia Apprenticeship Board, and she serves on several regional and national committees and working groups.

 Carolyn Van Den Heuvel is the Executive Director of NS Federation of Agriculture. Growing up on a farm, Carolyn always had a passion for agriculture. While studying at the AC she knew one thing – she wanted to work in the agriculture industry, at the farm level, in a capacity that helped the industry progress. Carolyn has been with the NSFA since 2012. Her work fulfills her desire to support the industry in an ever-changing environment – particularly in the Farm & Workforce Development space which is essential to the long-term success of the industry.

Lunch Break

Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia

Learn about ISANS Employment and Bridging Services and programs.

Anna McBeth, Anna McBeth is the Youth and Bridging Programs Supervisor with ISANS. Anna’s career has spun over the last 20 years, starting with her contribution to the development of future leaders in Ukraine and further transitioning into employment counselling, job development, and leadership roles at the ISANS. In the last 4 years, Anna has supported the growth and development of two immigrant youth programs, Federal Internship for Newcomers, Employment Services, and Bridging Programs. Her passion for job development and talent retention in the province has resulted in hundreds of newcomers securing meaningful work placements. Anna is a Certified Career Development Practitioner and Assessor for certification of Career Development Practitioners. In addition, she has a Master’s degree in Education and experience living on three different continents.

Tanja Matthews is a Supervisor with Employment and Bridging Programs at ISANS. She has a long history working with immigrant populations, delivering services and programs, curriculum development, project management, and supervision.

Tanja is an immigrant herself. She arrived in Canada as a Government Assisted Refugee in 1996, changed her career path from working veterinarian medicine to obtain a degree from Dalhousie Maritime School of Social Work.

Her new career was youth-focused, and she served as a Board Director for Youth Canada Association. Over the last 18 years, Tanja has worked primarily with job seekers, regulated professions, and bridging programs. 

Under and Over support: Autism Nova Scotia

This presentation will include information on what over and under supporting looks like, as well as strategies to promote providing individualized supports (meeting people where they are at). We will also discuss the importance of building independence, self-managing strategies, and ways to help foster independence and self-advocacy. With the implementation of these strategies, our intention is to provide many different employment opportunities for clients and supporting them in gaining the knowledge to navigate the employment process independently.

Stacie Johnston, Employment Coaching and Supports Coordinator

Coffee and Networking Break

Eddie LeMoine

Strategies for Attracting and Retaining Skilled Workers in Today’s Tight Labor Market

Eddie is a Canadian-born international author, certified virtual speaker, seminar leader and corporate trainer. He is a sought-after resource for both public sector and corporate clients. 

Session description:

Emerging from the pandemic, businesses face a new challenge: a shortage of human capital. This shortage will affect all sectors and require employers to find new ways to attract and retain employees. The competition for top talent will become global, with employers needing to compete not just with local competition but also with employers in other countries such as New York, the UK, or Brazil.

The new work and job market normal will differ from pre-pandemic times. Employers and employees will need to adapt to these changes to succeed. This session, led by Eddie LeMoine, will cover:

  • the latest trends in the labour market, 
  • the impact of the pandemic on the way we work, 
  • the effects of the hybrid workplace on global competition for talent, 
  • how to increase capacity with your current team,
  • the importance of employee engagement for attraction, retention, and productivity. 
  • the reasons why people join, stay, and leave their employers, and 
  • the leadership characteristics that are necessary for navigating today’s challenging times.


Networking Music, and Prize Draw