NSCDA One-Day Conferences 2023 / 24

September 14, 2023
Cape Breton
Membertou Trade &
Convention Centre

November 16, 2023
South Shore/Valley
White Point Beach Resort

February 8, 2024
Delta Hotels by Marriott Dartmouth

April 11, 2024
Inn on Prince Hotel &
Conference Centre in Truro


1 Day Conference $195 Nonmember and $145 Member

Preconference $90 Nonmember and $75 member


Happening the day before each Regional Event, at the event centre from 1 pm to 4 pm.

Person-Centered De-Escalation
Hosted by Amanda Leigh

When we understand why a person becomes escalated, we are better prepared to support them in getting their needs met. All behaviours are communication. This workshop teaches practitioners how to better understand and support escalated people, while maintaining professional boundaries, personal autonomy for the client, empathy, and wellness for all. Practitioners have said this workshop has improved their service delivery as well as their ability to support themselves, their teams, and their clients. Furthermore, this tool is useful for debriefing with practitioner teams to improve service delivery to clients through improved communication and co-regulation. The team has a person-centred language, which supports the clients as competent individuals with inherent value and agency. Finally, this tool and the knowledge gained in the workshop facilitate an understanding of a person’s escalated behaviour as communication, and intentionally builds and supports the practitioner’s capacity and delivery of compassionate care for their clients. This provides the language and framework for de-escalation for practitioner teams and their clients, which naturally strengthens relationships, improving the practitioner’s ability to de-escalate as well as maintain their own sense of competency, wellness, and valuable contributions to the overall team.

Participants will get a certificate of attendance for De-escalation: A Person-Centered Workshop

Amanda Leigh is a Two Spirit, single parent, Indigenous abolitionist, and uses the pronouns He/Him and She/Her. From the Ts’il Kaz Koh and Kawakatoose Nations and is a guest in unceded and unsurrendered Mi’kmaq Territory. He has a degree in Child and Youth Counseling with a minor in Psych. Since 2004, Amanda has been working with people who have been intentionally marginalized by colonial systems of racialized power. In 2014, Amanda trained as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and has been providing one-on-one and group services ever since. Many organizations and agencies in Kjipuktuk have benefitted from Amanda’s knowledge and expertise through workshops, consultations, and panels. Amanda is well-known in the community for his efforts in supporting people through mutual aid and organizational leadership.

Membertou Trade and Convention Centre Conference

September 14, 2023



Foundation of Belonging in the Workplace

There has been much momentum in the workplace around creating spaces not where people “fit in” but where people truly belong. We believe the time has come to bring more awareness to the topics and issues that cause harm in the workplace and to become more aware of how those show up so we can take action to build safer, more inclusive, welcoming environments: environments where people are celebrated because of, not in spite of, who they are.
The discussion will cover various topics, including Inclusive leadership, Disrupting Bias, Privilege and how to create true lasting change in the workplace.
We will also showcase a tool everyone can use to continue this learning journey.

Matt Thomson

With a bold vision to make the world of work more human, Matt joined forces to co-found and inspire the life force that makes P4G.
Having grown up in the beautiful Eastern Townships of Quebec, he’s happy to call Nova Scotia home, proudly wearing the “here-by-choice” badge. Constantly learning from teachers that surround him, including his family, friends and mentors, Matt’s grateful for the wisdom and inspiration he is exposed to. Living with a passion for joy, fulfillment and love, Matt brings his authentic self to all he does.

Bradley Daye

On a mission to co-create a more socially conscious recruiting industry, Bradley leads P4G’s placemaking work and inspires workplaces to embrace cultural differences, lived experiences, and the vulnerabilities of being human at work.

Bradley has a deeply rooted history in Nova Scotia. He was born and raised in Halifax and is a community leader, coach and member of the African Nova Scotian community as the Grandson of Delmore Buddy Daye. By serving on the Board of Directors for United Way Halifax and supporting youth football in Halifax’s North End, Bradley is always contributing locally to the spaces where everything started for him. Bradley has 12 years of combined professional coaching and business management experience. That being said, everything is guided by the values he lives by, and Bradley lives by Reciprocity, Community and Love.

Networking Break

RPL: Impacting Client Outcomes through Recognizing Learning

The Recognition of Prior Learning is a valuable tool for workforce development that can seem mysterious, complicated and confusing. In this session, we’ll explore the RPL landscape in Nova Scotia, looking at opportunities to build pathways in fields including healthcare, automotive, engineering and education.

We’ll also focus on the starting point for any RPL process: guiding individuals in identifying and describing the knowledge, skills and competencies gained through life’s significant learning experiences, both formal and informal.
There will be opportunities to learn and share with your colleagues and takeaways you can implement in your practice.

Teresa Francis

Teresa has worked in student and career development for over 30 years. She began her career as a university admissions officer and has served as a counsellor, academic advisor, facilitator, manager and consultant in high school, post-secondary and not-for-profit organizations. A recognized specialist in RPL, Teresa has delivered programs throughout Nova Scotia, across Canada, and the Caribbean. She has a passion for supporting learning and work transitions.

In her role as Director, Learning and Professional Practice at the NSCDA, Teresa fosters the development of learning and recognition practices across the organization and within the career development field.

Lunch Break

Jeff Ward, PSCP BACS, General Manager Membertou Heritage Park

Jeff is the General Manager of the Membertou Heritage Park and Former Director of Operations for Metepenagiag Mi’kmaq Nation.
Growing up, he was involved in community events and led their planning, coordination, and participation. When it became time to pursue post-secondary education, the Bachelor of Arts Community Studies program at Cape Breton University was a natural fit, and he is working on his Masters’s degree.
As a public figure, Jeff has been dancing, drumming and performing his way into people’s hearts since childhood. He is currently a member of Kun’tewiktuk Singers, Sons of Membertou & Thunder Eagle Singers. Most recently performed at the 100th Anniversary of Vimy Ridge in France. He also emcees numerous First Nation Pow-Wows in the Atlantic region and the eastern USA. Jeff has been a keynote speaker and emcee for various conferences, including the most notable being the MMIWG Commission of Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women’s & Girls’ Inquiry in Membertou, to name a few. Jeff has been referred to as Mi’kmaq Knowledge keeper/sharer.

He is a leader in the White Eagle Sundance. A Lodge keeper, drum keeper/maker, conductor of ceremonies, talking circles and justice circles with over 30 years of experience. He is a proud husband, father of 4 successful adult children and grandfather of 1 grandson.