NSCDA One-Day Conferences 2023 / 24

February 8, 2024
at Delta Hotels by Marriott in Dartmouth

April 11, 2024
Inn on Prince Hotel &
Conference Centre in Truro


1 Day Conference $195 Nonmember and $145 Member

Preconference $90 Nonmember and $75 member


Happening the day before each Regional Event, at the event centre from 1 pm to 4 pm.

Person-Centered De-Escalation
Hosted by Amanda Leigh

When we understand why a person becomes escalated, we are better prepared to support them in getting their needs met. All behaviours are communication. This workshop teaches practitioners how to better understand and support escalated people, while maintaining professional boundaries, personal autonomy for the client, empathy, and wellness for all. Practitioners have said this workshop has improved their service delivery as well as their ability to support themselves, their teams, and their clients. Furthermore, this tool is useful for debriefing with practitioner teams to improve service delivery to clients through improved communication and co-regulation. The team has a person-centred language, which supports the clients as competent individuals with inherent value and agency. Finally, this tool and the knowledge gained in the workshop facilitate an understanding of a person’s escalated behaviour as communication, and intentionally builds and supports the practitioner’s capacity and delivery of compassionate care for their clients. This provides the language and framework for de-escalation for practitioner teams and their clients, which naturally strengthens relationships, improving the practitioner’s ability to de-escalate as well as maintain their own sense of competency, wellness, and valuable contributions to the overall team.

Participants will get a certificate of attendance for De-escalation: A Person-Centered Workshop

Amanda Leigh is a Two Spirit, single parent, Indigenous abolitionist, and uses the pronouns He/Him and She/Her. From the Ts’il Kaz Koh and Kawakatoose Nations and is a guest in unceded and unsurrendered Mi’kmaq Territory. He has a degree in Child and Youth Counseling with a minor in Psych. Since 2004, Amanda has been working with people who have been intentionally marginalized by colonial systems of racialized power. In 2014, Amanda trained as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and has been providing one-on-one and group services ever since. Many organizations and agencies in Kjipuktuk have benefitted from Amanda’s knowledge and expertise through workshops, consultations, and panels. Amanda is well-known in the community for his efforts in supporting people through mutual aid and organizational leadership.

Inn on Prince, Truro, Nova Scotia

April 11th, 2024


Lillian (Missy) Searl

Overcoming Barriers: Empowering Successful Re-entry from Incarceration to Employment

In this presentation, Missy will speak about her role in working with youth seeking employment post-incarceration.

Lillian will talk about:

  • barriers
  • community supports
  • family supports
  • what success can look like
  • building trust

Coffee and Networking Break

 Martina Kelades

Conscious Centering in Change

Our world and the environments around us are constantly shifting. As a Career Practitioner, navigating change can be a significant part of your work, offering a unique opportunity for personal and professional development and a way of providing guidance and support for clients. Although we can’t always control change, we can master how we relate to circumstances by centring ourselves in uncertain times. Attention to our mind, body, and environment is a practice that can help inform a conscious and practical way forward, increasing focus and energy to encourage positive health outcomes in the face of uncertainty and change. How do we support ourselves amid change while at the same time supporting those we work with? Life is full of uncertainty, so let’s talk about it!


Martina Kelades is a Professional Storyteller who uses various platforms to tell life stories. Martina is the Founder of Life Out Loud — Mental Health Consulting & Creatives, a business promoting mental health and wellness in workplaces and life. In addition to her work as a storyteller, Martina is a vulnerability speaker in the area of mental health promotion, a Canadian actor, a published writer, and the host of the Life Out Loud Podcast. As a professional vulnerability speaker, Martina works with organizations to hold safe spaces for sometimes difficult conversations related to mental and emotional health to encourage personal wellness. Martina’s story has inspired others to be self-reflective and to look inward to find strength in their stories. Through her struggles with mental health, mainly related to burnout, anxiety and depression, Martina committed to using her pain as her purpose — creatively expressing her experiences using personal narratives to normalize mental health conversations and encourage personal wellness — this was the birthplace of Life Out Loud.

Lunch Break

Ravi Tangri 

Think Oustide the Boss: Leading in Today’s Complex, Fast-Changing World 

Business has hit the perfect storm. We’re moving into the biggest labour crisis in history as the baby boomers move into retirement, and the younger generation has different demands and expectations. On top of all this, change is coming at us faster and faster. A new form of leadership is evolving – co-creative leadership, where you engage all the key players to co-create the way forward, building buy-in and commitment. Ravi Tangri is an expert in co-creative leadership, and he shows you how to think outside the boss and chart your way forward in this challenging new world.

Participants will leave this session understanding the following:

  • Why the “old” rules of leadership don’t work anymore;
  • The secret to engaging and focusing the younger generations;
  • How to build buy-in and commitment from all of your key players;
  • The key to finding your way through uncertain times.