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For more than three years the NSCDA has been certifying Career Development Practitioners (CDPs) in Nova Scotia. During this time, more than 170 CDPs have achieved the designation, and the right to use the title of Certified Career Development Practitioner (CCDP®) professionally.

To ensure the ongoing success of the program and to measure its effectiveness in serving the career development community in Nova Scotia, the NSCDA has commissioned a consultant to conduct an evaluation of the Career Development Practitioner Certification Program.

What Evaluation Will Achieve

A formative evaluation of the program will enable us to:

  • determine if the program meets intended objectives
  • assess the design and delivery of the program
  • to identify any areas that need improvement and ensure rigor and defensibility of the certification process  

History of the NSCDA

The Nova Scotia Career Development Association was formed in 1999 as an inclusive not- for-profit organization that provides strategic leadership to Nova Scotia professionals working in the field of career development. This is achieved through many means, including:

  • membership
  • professional certification
  • professional development conferences
  • special events and projects

Certification and the NSCDA

In 2006, the NSCDA began to explore the creation of a voluntary certification for Career Development Practitioners (CDPs) in Nova Scotia using the Canadian Standards and Guidelines for Career Development Practitioners (S&Gs) as its guiding framework. Between 2006 and 2009 a certification working group examined approaches from other provinces, then created and piloted a framework for Nova Scotia.

Recognition of Prior Learning

Through the exploratory and developmental process, it was determined that the approach to certification must recognize both formal and informal prior learning of career development practitioners rather than a review of academic credentials. In 2013, the voluntary certification process was identified as a priority in the NSCDA’s Strategic Plan and the Nova Scotia Career Development Practitioner Core Competency Profile was created as an adaptation from the national S&Gs. Testing instruments were developed based on the core competency profile. In 2014, planning for implementation of the voluntary certification program commenced.

Mandatory Certification of CDPs

In 2015, the Nova Scotia Government outlined a Framework for Delivery of Employment Services in Nova Scotia which prompted a reorganization of career development organizations in the province, and rebranded the organizations as “Nova Scotia Works Centres.” It became a requirement for all case management staff to obtain Career Practitioner Certification, a responsibility delegated to NSCDA.


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