Career Pathways to Certification

Career Pathways to Certification

For those who are currently working in career development

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Work towards professional certification while you accumulate required hours of paid work experience.

5400 hours (approximately 3 years, fulltime) must be accumulated to be eligible for Certification.

Relevant competency areas: Ethics, Diversity & Inclusion, Administration, Interpersonal/Foundational Skills, Career Development Services, Career Self-Management

Member Fee: $500
Non-Member Fee: $700


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Course Description:

Work towards Certification while accumulating the required hours of experience.

The NSCDA has been certifying Career Development Practitioners (CCDPs) in Nova Scotia since 2015. Our process is a Recognition of Prior Learning / Competency based model. People working in the field who do not meet the three-year (5400 hour) requirement can apply to the Career Pathways to Certification program. This will allow them to develop the competencies required to become certified while gaining the mandatory work experience hours. Career Pathways includes the full Certification process.

Competency areas to Develop:

  • Ethics
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Administration
  • Interpersonal/Foundational Skills
  • Career Development Services
  • Career Self-Management

Learning Opportunity:

Course Structure:

  1. Complete Self-Assessment
  2. Register for Program
  3. Identify Mentor
  4. Needs Assessment (Workbook)
  5. Development of Learning Plan
  6. Progress Reports to Registrar
  7. Acquire hours and competencies
  8. Certification Exam
  9. Structured Interview
  10. Confirmation of CCDP Designation