Project Description

Career Pathways to Certification

Certified Career Development Practitioner Candidate

Work towards professional certification while accumulating the required hours of experience.

Diversity & Inclusion, Administration, Interpersonal/Foundational Skills, Career Development Services, Career Self-Management

Approx. 3-5 years to accumulate the required hours of experience


Course Description:

Work towards Certification while accumulating the required hours of experience. 
The NSCDA is leading the development and implementation of a voluntary certification process for career development practitioners (CDPs) in this province. Our process is a Recognition of Prior Learning / Competency based model. People working in the field who do not meet the three-year requirement can apply to be a Career Development Practitioner candidate (CDPc). This will allow them to develop the competencies required to become certified while gaining the mandatory work experience hours.

Skills to be Developed:

Diversity & Inclusion
Interpersonal/Foundational Skills
Career Development Services
Career Self-Management

Learning Opportunity:

Course Structure:

  1. Identify Mentor
  2. Apply to be a CDPc (Career Development Practitioner Candidate)
  3. Needs Assessment (Workbook)
  4. Development of Learning Plan
  5. Progress Reports to Registrar
  6. Work Experience
  7. CCDP Application
  8. Interview & Exam
  9. Confirmation of CCDP Designation