Project Description

Let’s Talk Careers

The NSCDA partnered with the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development to review and update the “Parents As Career Coaches” program that has been offered across Nova Scotia for many years. This program was renamed “Let’s Talk Careers” to reflect the need for information that goes well beyond the child/parent relationship to include any community members who have an interest in helping youth succeed.

  • Program material is being updated to ensure appropriate combination of printed and on-line based learning materials.
  • These materials need to be accessible in a year-round format that can be delivered from a variety of locations, by a variety of career development professionals.
  • Material and presentation must respect different modalities of learning, inclusion and diversity, proper language and be targeted towards the audience.
  • Design of both marketing and communication plans will target youth, parents and community members to ensure increased uptake of the program in the future.