Summer Students Interns Project

Summer Students Interns Project

Coinciding with the onboarding of summer students into Nova Scotia Works Employment Services centres in the summers of 2020 and 2021, the NSCDA prepared a learning plan and training implementation guide for the project.

Thirty-five post-secondary students participated. They explored their interest in to pursuing career development as a profession, gaining the skills and knowledge necessary to meet competency standards for career development practitioners in Nova Scotia.

Four students joined the team at the NSCDA in the summer of 2020, and two returned for the summer of 2021.

The training integrated both facilitated webinar delivery and self-directed online learning. Orientation focused on team-building and fostering an understanding of the profession and the certification model. The self-directed component enabled students to develop knowledge in specific areas, including: career theory; facilitation skills; interpersonal and communication skills and client-facing service delivery. Participating Nova Scotia Works centres were encouraged to collaborate and share in-house training with students to help build an understanding of NSW services.

Outside of the digital classroom, students were supported by the Centre for Employment Innovation (CEI). Community of Learning which promoted co-learning, resource-sharing and networking amongst participants, and helped to establish a community of practice among the summer student cohort.


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