Foundations of Belonging in the Workplace

A Nova Scotia-based introduction to fostering diversity, equity and inclusion as a fundamental approach for building safer workplaces.

Foundations of Belonging in the Workplace is an online, 11-module self-led course designed to build awareness and understanding around the dynamic, lived experiences within Nova Scotia’s workplaces and the ways we can each contribute to a safer and more inclusive environment for everyone.

Beginning with an overview of Nova Scotia’s colonial and discriminatory past, the modules explore:

  • How Nova Scotia’s history contributes to present-day discrimination and inequities that have been built into our systems, policies and workplaces.
  • Dynamics that negatively impact an organization’s culture and a person’s experience, including bias, racism, power and privilege, stereotypes and privileged aggressions.
  • The ways an individual can hold themselves and others accountable to creating a better way forward by exploring our cultural lens, building our knowledge of accessible workplaces and putting allyship into practice.
  • The course finishes with a more global view of what it takes to create true, lasting, transformational change on a systems level within an organization.

The content merges together leading practices backed by research, real stories, and concepts that help decentre ourselves and foster a greater sense of humility, so we can all become greater change agents at work. While this training alone won’t remove the embedded, structural disadvantages within organizations that require more radical change, it will set the tone for why this change is needed and build a shared understanding of the common experiences and language needed to navigate a better way forward.