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The Nova Scotia Career Development Association (NSCDA) is a not-for-profit professional organization with more than 800 members. The NSCDA’s goal is to strengthen the role of the career development profession within Nova Scotia and across the country by providing the guidance the tools for members to maximize their potential.

NSCDA members include Career Development Practitioners (CDPs), Certified Career Development Practitioners (CCDP® / PCDC®), and people working within the field of career development using a variety of other titles that reflect their positions.

Creating the Tools

The NSCDA works with private and public sector clients to develop customized programs that build competency within the career development sector.

The NSCDA’s training department is dedicated to producing high quality, easy-to-understand materials for career development professionals. Our team of content developers, instructional designers, subject matter experts, and communication designers work with cultural competency advisors to ensure our training programs, seminars, publications, reports, conferences, and information sessions exceed expectations.

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