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Our Mission

Our mission is to celebrate differences. The NDIC advocates for equitable accessibility to resources, while fostering purpose, growth, and empowerment.

The NDIC is a diverse, representative group within the NSCDA. We work with local communities through collaboration and engagement to challenge the narrative. We use funding and outreach to support underrepresented groups in Nova Scotia.

Our Vision

The NSCDA is committed to creating and building authentic relationships with communities and community partners. For us to address societal barriers, we must listen, collaborate, and take action towards building welcoming, safe spaces to ensure each person’s voice and needs are heard and treated with dignity and respect.

Funding Opportunities

The NSCDA has made a strong commitment to increase its reach into underrepresented communities within Nova Scotia by supporting initiatives that maximize community potential throughout the province, including rural areas that have been traditionally overlooked. Open to all non-profit, grassroots, and community-focused groups and organizations in Nova Scotia.

Giving Fund

The Ubuntu Giving Fund provides financial support for organizations with larger capacities and reach that are working on new or existing projects or initiatives within their communities. The program will provide $40,000 and is intended to support multiple projects across the province.

Ubuntu Giving Fund logo.

Helping Hands
Community Fund

The Helping Hands Community Fund is an event-based fund offering $10,000 to be used for a variety of organizations. This fund supports small, grassroots organizations that need of resources to help grow influence within their communities. 

Helping Hands logo.