Labour Market Information

Refresh your existing knowledge of Labour Market Information, while learning new content, ideas and strategies that will assist you in serving your clients with confidence.

Course Description

Over the past years, practitioners have consistently identified gaps in training and education in the area of Labour Market Information (LMI) for Career Development Practitioners. This guide and training materials have been created to address some of those gaps.

Skills to be Developed

  • Labour market structure
  • LMI data analysis
  • LMI trends
  • LMI terms and buzzwords
  • Environmental scanning
  • NOC Codes
  • Communicate LMI to others
  • LMI research
  • Focus on skills


  • Free to NSCDA members and non-members.

Learning Opportunity

  • Increase the knowledge base and confidence of practitioners related to the use of LMI with clients.
  • Increase the regular use of LMI by clients and practitioners, supporting career decisions that strongly align with the needs of the individual and their community’s labour market.
  • Increasing career and financial success for the individual clients and positive spinoffs for the local economy, thus serving all Nova Scotians.

Course Structure

  • This learning plan has three modules.
  • It will take approximately 1 hour to complete.


  • Module 1: Understanding LMI
    1. Getting comfortable with the Labour Market Information Practitioner role and expectations: the what, why, influences, trends, and buzz words of LMI.
  • Module 2: Finding & Evaluating LMI
    1. Where to look and what to look for: identifying structures, sources, and locations, Interpreting statistics, and reliable local, current, and future data.
  • Module 3: Using LMI
    1. Strategies and tools for working with clients: explain, assess needs and strategies, research topics, encourage workshops, interviews, networking, employability skills and career guides.