Case Management Specialization


The NSCDA and its partners completed a review of the current state of case management in Nova Scotia. We learned where the gaps in training exist for case managers who work in all aspects of career development. To bridge these gaps, the NSCDA is developing a comprehensive, online learning plan to provide case management training. The NSCDA is guiding the development of the learning plan to make it pertinent, useful, and a tool to build competency. The training is designed to be challenging and requires the candidates to engage in the learning process.

Completion of the specialization will include:

  • Reading assignments
  • written work
  • engagement with other learners
  • testing in the form of quizzes
  • projects

The total course will consist of approximately one hundred and twenty (120) hours of study. Not all modules are the same length with the same amount of work. The study time is based on an average completion time for an experienced case manager.

You have two options for taking the training:

  1. You may complete the entire specialization training, including all the testing requirements. You will receive a completion certificate. You will only be awarded the CCDPcm designation if you hold the CCPD® / PCDCMD certification.
  2. You may take the training and opt out of the final assignment. You must successfully complete the modules in order. You will not receive a completion certificate.

If you are a case manager with Nova Scotia Works:

You are mandated to be both a Certified Career Development Practitioner and to complete Case Management Specialization training. Upon successful completion, you will be awarded a certificate and the CCDPcm designation.


The online HUB system is not fully JAWS compatible, yet. Anyone with a need to access the materials in a way other than presented on the HUB should contact the NSCDA office and we will ensure that a custom solution is in place for you.


Membership and Program Fees

For more information contact:

Chantelle Marshall

Case Management Specialization Infographic