Project Description

Case Management for Career Practitioners

Case Management for Career Practitioners

Build the specialized skills needed to be an effective case manager and key contributor to client success

Communication, Needs Assessment, Developing Working Alliance, Case Writing & Closure, Peer Sharing, Time Management, Difficult clients and Saying “No”

8 Self-Paced Modules / 100 Hours of Study / Approx. 6 months



Course Description:

Build the specialized skills needed to be an effective case manager and key contributor to client success.

As career and employment services evolve, the role of case manager is emerging as a distinct specialization. The Case Management Training has been developed by the Nova Scotia Career Development Association in response to this emerging need.


LaMPPS Training
Client Streaming
Level 1 Assessment

Skills to be Developed:

  • Case Management
  • Communication
  • Developing Working Alliance
  • Needs Assessment
  • Case Writing
  • Case Closure
  • Peer Sharing/Learning
  • Time Management
  • Difficult Clients & Saying No

Learning Opportunity:

The purpose of the training is to enhance professional practice and have a positive impact on client outcomes.

  • Recognition of case management skills and professional practice.
  • Professional training and feedback.
  • An opportunity to refresh professional skills and competencies.
  • An opportunity to develop and practice new skills.
  • Improved professional practice of case management.
  • An opportunity to share with and learn from peers.

Course Structure:

8 Self-paced modules including PowerPoint presentations as well as reading, reflection and assignments.

  1. Case Management in Career and Employment Services
  2. Communication Skills and Developing a Working Alliance
  3. The Needs Assessment
  4. Case Management Essentials
  5. Writing for Case Management
  6. Additional Skills for Case Managers
  7. Case Closure
  8. Job Search
  9. Knowledge Verification