Support for Employers Learning Plan

Support for Employers Learning Plan

In partnership with Placemaking 4G (P4G), NSCDA is developing two Employer Engagement modules: The HR Factor and Making Connections. The modules were created using the unique perspectives, world-views and experience P4G has gained working with employers.

The HR Factor is designed to provide employers and advisors with key “Dos” and “Don’ts” of human dynamics (traditionally called human resources). All organizations have a human component, and frequently it is the most complex system to navigate. The human dynamics component of every business runs through every department, every boardroom and every production floor. This course assists learners in navigating the basics of human dynamics in organizations where there may be no human resources / human dynamics departments or organizations interested in auditing their current practices and preparing for the future.

Making Connections provides learners with strategies and tips for better connecting with the communities in which they operate. These meaningful connections are what community interest companies like P4G are based upon. Understanding ways to develop strategic partnerships and draw on those partnerships will support a brighter and sustainable future.


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